Internet addiciton

December 4, 2007

Ok…so we all have done our projects. I thought it was interesting to find a student made PSA on internet addiction, since that was my original concept for my research project. Here’s just a little information that I have found for those of you not lucky enough to have caught my presentation.

Basically, an addiction to the internet can deeply affect the self. Specifically, it can affect your relationships with your friends and family, as well as your own personality. People are using the internet as a substitute for real social interaction. Depression has also been linked with increased internet use. Also, 6% of those online suffer from internet addicition. Pornography is also one way people are addicted to the internet.

If you think you might suffer from internet addiction go to

There are online support groups for this.

So. Why do you think people can get so entangled in the web (cute analogy, huh)?

Have you every crossed the line into addiction or even come close to it?

I know that we all have to examine ourselves and be conscious of how we spend our time. There is so much excitement when people discover new media, that they can become infatuated with it (for example…right now I am addicted to the Wii….if only there was a support group…)


Check out the above blog for some interesting ideas on the porn industry and CGI (computer generated images)

Can we say icky? Ok. Maybe I am a little conservative, but creating “Poser Porn” in CGI is a little disturbing. So why are they doing it? Pretty much I have decided that our society will corrupt and sexualize anyhting…including CGI and cartoons. Its a little sickening to think about people manipualting computer images in order for them to assume positions impossible in the real world or even creating porn using child-like images that feed pedifiles and their sick urges. And what are the psychologial ramifications? Will child pedifilia increase? Will the fact that people can create porn characters that can’t say no lead to more sexual aggression? As most things, porn can become more than a once-in-a blue moon hobby (if hobby is the right word), it can become much more than that, it can become an addiction.

In all media it seems that sex, obscenity, and vulgarity are becoming more prevelant. I am blown away by what can go into a PG-13 movie now-a-days as opposed to five years ago.  And porn has become a huge, booming industry. Hey, just turn on the TV and watch “Girls Next Door” for a glimpse at Hugh Heffner’s little paradise of having three live-on playboy girlfriends. What is becoming or our society? Hundreds of years from now when scholars look at our culture, based on the “artifacts” and technologies we have left them, what will they think of us?

iGlove??? What the heck!

December 4, 2007

I was reading the lovely blog above (good job Chris) and found myself sighing at how useless some new technologies are….

I give your the creation of the IGlove….which allows someone to navigate an iPod scroll wheel without having to take off their winter gloves….

Ok. So would it really kill someone to take off their gloves for a minute to touch their iPod…seriously….who’s going to shell out $19.95 (thats a totally ficitional price by the way) for something like this (well maybe if they threw in a julianne french fry cutter… I’m a sucker for infomercials…I bugged my grandma for months until she bought some uselss DD-7 off the tv…but thats a whole other story)

So now I realize…sometimes people just make stuff to make stuff. A lot of the new tech toys serve little to no valid purpose. Instead of creating valid, helpful, innovative gadgets we waste resources on things like the iGlove because of a current trend….seriously….


December 4, 2007

Jordan blogged about how people illegally download music off of the internet. After reading his blog I got to thinking….

Here’s an excerpt…Jordan’s closing thought

“This is a viewpoint that differs from person to person and cannot be argued or solved. I don’t feel bad about downloading and sampling music to find good and bad artists. I support those who I enjoy and discover, and I delete the awful music after listening…plus, I couldn’t profit off of bad music anyways.”

Ok…I agree that everyone’s opinion differs on this topic. Some people think that it is a heinous crime, while some don’t think twice before clicking the download button. Jordan says that he does it just to sample new music. So many people justify downloading music in similar ways…that labels charge to much for the album…that there are only a few good songs on the album anyway….or that everyone is doing it.

I ask myself, is crime relative and conditional? Are morals simply that flexible? Escpecially as Christians, shouldn’t we be held to a higher standard? When is it “ok” to commit a crime? Where do you draw the line? Is one song ok, but not a whole album?

I asked myself these same questions. I know my response…what is yours?

Google Phone Response

December 4, 2007
This is Andrew Pope’s blog. He brought up the the topic of a potential Google Phone. Previously I blogged about Google and their announcement that they will bid on a wireless spectrum, so I found his blog to be relevant. He thinks that the “Google Phone” would compete with Apple’s iPhone. Also, Andrew says that Google will be creating a special version of Google maps, complete with GPS tracking system and be compatible with G-mail, and Google Calenders. Though this seems like a novel idea (yes, I think a Google phone would be pretty cool), it is hard for me to see it coming to fruition. Of course who am I to judge that though. Yes. Google seems to be interested in the wireless world, but their stakes I feel are not so much in mobile communication and their devices as much as they are in the expansion and openess of the web. Also, it seems hard to believe that they would be able to comptet with Apple….just look at Apple sales and popularity.


December 4, 2007

I visited John’s blog

He also decided to blog about podcasts. He criticizes the podcast as not being effective at giving people what they want. John believes that there is a problem because they are linear and dish out a ton of information so people must “wade through vast amounts of potentially useless prattle” in order to get the information they want. He believes that “people searching for information want only what they want” Though he makes a valid point, I believe that podcasts are valid and useful. People usually aren’t doing research when they listen to them, they are usually interested in the topic that the podacsts are about. They choose to listen. For instance, instead of reading a newspaper someone might subscribe to a podcast. Or if someone really likes knowing about a certain recording label, may get a feed of their podcasts. People are not looking for a specific factiod, they are merely interested in learning more. Still, podcasts serve a purpose by breaking up textual information. Instead of reading, people are able to listen. We all know that people hate to read….why do you think TV is king (see proir blog)….so give them some credit…they do serve a purpose


December 4, 2007


Ok. I will admit that before taking this class I was completley ignorant as to what a wiki is. For those of you who still don’t know…let me educate you using the definition from Wikipedia itself:”A wiki is a type of computer software that allows users to easily create, edit and link web pages. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites” There ya go. Well Wkipedia is probably the biggest of all wiki and is basically a collabrative encyclopedia of all sorts of information in many different languages. This brings me to the reason for this blog. Wikipedia recently has agreed to pay illustration contributors for their work towards the online encyclopedia; the encyclopedia has been based solely on volunteer work.Backers of the plan say it’s a necessary step that must be taken in order for Wikipedia to close the quality gap with print reference materials. Scientific articles in particular are not getting the volunteer illustration they need with the current model.This is all possible because of a $20,000 donation from MIT Prof. Philip Greenspun.He hoped illustrators would be paid about $5 per illustration, but Wikipedia is leaning toward a figure close to $40. Many seem to be excited over the prospect of receiving compensation fo their labor, but many also feel that it is a bad move and is contradictory to the wiki process. It should be a volunteer process of creativity. Others are skeptical as to how Wikipedia will determine which illustrator receives the money…and what about changing the information by paid illustrators…will that be allowed? It seems to open quite a big can of worms…..wikis make more sense when there isn’t a potential paycheck attached to them.

Kindle, a handheld book reader has hit the market. It’s available on Amazon for $399 and holds about 200 books in a paperback-sized package. It displays pages on a screen that appears more much like paper rather than a backlit LCD screen.It isn’t just a book reader…it’s a portable library and bookstore. Kindle is wirelessly hooked up to the Internet via Sprint Nextel’s high-speed network and lets users download books or even magazine and newspaper publications. The idea of having digital books is becoming increasingly popular. Less well known authors are publising digitally and avoiding a lot of publication costs. Still, they aren’t the only ones. Heck, Stephen King himself published a serial, The Plant, on his Web site for a subscription cost of just $7 (which is far less than the average cost of one of his paperback novels) Does this mean the extinction of books? Well, I don’t hink anytime soon. Yes, the world is becoming more paperless, but one of the reasons people enjoy reading books is for the nostalgia and lack of technology involved. Bookstores are also a social experience-please sip a latte and read the latest best seller- Books are not done with, I’m sure


December 4, 2007

Ok. So I have to create a blog about blogging. I can’t resist! Hey…I’m supposed to talk about technology, right? Well let’s see. I will admit that this has been my first attempt at blogging (hopefully it has been a successful one) but it seems that more than 53 million Americans or 44% of adult Internet users have used the Internet to publish their thoughts, respond to others, post pictures, share files and otherwise contribute to the explosion of content available online. I’m way behind the times I guess. Specifically, eight million have made blogs. I might ask myslef why this is so popular…but to me the answer is clear. People like to know that they have a voice; they can influence others and get their opinions out there. Oh, and it can be very therapeutic as well. Writing journals and diaries have always been a way for society to express their feeling, blogging simply applies a technological aspect to an already established process. Also, there are blogs about everything…from someone’s personal rantings to mine, which is solely about technology. Here’s a list of the current top blogs….see the variety –
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Maybe you’ll find another one to write or read…


December 4, 2007


Televisions have taken over the average American home according to Nielsen Media Research which says the average home in theAmerica now has more television sets than people to sit down and watch them. The researchers say there are now two-point-73 TV sets in the typical home, compared to just two-point-55 people. Furthermore, the average person watches four hours and 35 minutes of television each day while the total average time a household watched television during the 2005-2006 television year was 8 hours and 14 minutes per day, a 3-minute increase from the 2004-2005 season and a record high.The total number of television households within the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) is now estimated at approximatley 111.4 million, an increase of 1.1 percent since last year, according to Nielsen Media Research. Ok…thats enough of the stats. I know you can only take some many numbers at a time before your mind overloads and shuts down (well, at least mine does). I ask you to look at your own television usage. Out of all types of media, television seems to be dominant. What are you getting out of it? I know you all aren’t viewing educational programs (..seriously) and TV programming is concentrated with sex, violence…etc…etc….What do you think that does to the self? How about taking some time out of the mindless channel surfing mose you may be in and try something else….feed yourself….book perhaps…community involvement….heck…go write a blog or something people.